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The all-in-one platform to optimize your marketing and sales. Build powerful sales funnels that generate quality leads and convert them into loyal clients with all the tools you need integrated in one place!

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    “Building online sales funnels was the key to scaling Open English to 750,000+ students and raising $135 million of capital.”

    Andrés Moreno
    Founder of escala and Open English

    The most effective formula to accelerate your sales

    escala’s proven formula to build powerful sales funnels:

    Build a
    Landing Page

    A single-page website optimized for capturing your visitors’ contact information.

    Attract Visitors
    to your Landing Page

    Run digital ad campaigns to reach new audiences and generate interest in your product or service.

    Capture Contact

    Build a database of potential clients by encouraging your landing page visitors to share their contact information.

    Convert Contacts
    into Loyal Clients

    Build an automated workflow of templatized emails, phone calls, text messages and payment pages to convert contacts into loyal clients.

    All the Tools You’ll Ever Need
    in One Platform

    Discover how simple it is to grow your business online with escala

    Create powerful landing pages. It’s as simple as copy and paste!

    Convert visitors into contacts using escala’s easy-to-use Landing Page Builder. Choose from one of our proven templates, adapt the text, and you’re all set!

    Attract potential clients like a magnet with digital ad campaigns

    Easily create, manage and publish digital ad campaigns from one place. Integrated with Facebook and Instagram Ads Manager, our platform allows you to advertise to new, specific audiences - with just a few clicks!


    Are you ready to flood your landing page with potential clients?

    Close more deals with escala’s built-in customer relationship management software (CRM)

    Empower your sales team to nurture long-term relationships with contacts and convert them into loyal clients. Enable them to organize databases, to program reminders, to automate workflows, to have all the visibility needed to exceed sales goals... and more!


    No more integrations or lost information, sell more efficiently with escala’s built-in CRM!

    Ca$h in! Create custom
    payment pages

    Do you want a single page to process transactions online? With escala, you can easily create beautiful payment pages integrated with the market’s most secure platforms.


    Now share the link and allow your customers to pay with a single click!

    Communicate constantly with automated emails.
    Let escala work for you

    Segment your contacts, design compelling emails in minutes with our drag-and-drop templates, and send automated email campaigns with relevant content to your database.


    Stay top-of-mind and increase your sales with escala emails.

    Grow your business even while you sleep. Put it on autopilot

    Let escala focus on your sales process, while you focus on innovation. Automate repetitive tasks, streamline your workflow, and activate specific actions based on the behaviors of your contacts.

    Wow! Finally, clear results

    You can’t manage what you don’t measure: see real-time reports of your sales activities and results in user-friendly dashboards.


    Have the clarity you need to make more accurate decisions and take your business to the next level.

    Built by experts, to make you an expert

    At escala, we’ve gathered world-class specialists to bring you the resources, strategic support, and education you will need to achieve greater business results.

    Ready to scale
    your business online?