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Process sales easily with escala’s payment pages.
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    “If the payment page is complicated to use or has too many steps, there is a high chance you will lose the sale. We designed escala so that you can create custom payment pages that allow your customers to process their payments with ease and track their every move”. 
    Andrés Moreno
    Founder of escala and Open English

    Collecting payments with escala
    is as easy as 1,2,3!

    Process sales quickly now

    Send the link and process sales in record time

    Create a customized payment page with your products and allow customers to buy with a click!


    In escala, simply choose your template, add the product information and include persuasive messages. Publish and send!


    Voilà! Close the sale.

    You choose the platform,
    we integrate it

    Once you have designed your page, choose your preferred payment platform and connect them with a click! No programmers needed to start getting paid.

    Keep the conversation flowing, create raving fans

    Thank your customers after they have made a purchase, find out how satisfied they are with the selling experience, send them a second irresistible offer... escala gives you the tools to keep the conversation flowing, upsell, and strengthen the relationship after the first sale!

    How much $$$$ did you make this month?

    Our metrics allow you to find out how much revenue each customer brought, how much they contributed to your sales goals, which products were your bestsellers, and more!


    View results in real-time with escala's dashboards

    Who almost paid but did not?
    Get notified!

    Which of your contacts was ready to buy in your payment page, but failed to cross the finish line?
    escala sends you a notification so that you can reach out directly and close the deal.

    Empower your sales force

    At escala, we make it easy to share your payment pages with your sales people, so that they can process orders quickly.


    What's even better: escala's CRM stores the purchase record and associates with the contact. Have the information you need to support an award-winning sales team!

    Process sales quickly!