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    In my experience, the sale is made after several personalized contacts. Managing smart email campaigns is a fundamental strategy to achieve it, and perhaps the lowest cost of all”.
    Andrés Moreno
    Founder of escala and Open English

    Hello! {Your Name}, let's talk...

    Send the right email at the right time

    Create your emails in the image and likeness of your business

    The first impression is everything. Create and edit professional emails with escala’s intuitive email builder. Simply drag and drop with our beautiful templates or create your own from scratch. In minutes, you’ll have a campaign with emails begging to be opened!

    Mirror, mirror: Are they reading
    my emails?

    You won’t need a magic mirror to give you answers. With escala’s Email Builder  you will know if your potential clients opened, clicked, and bought from your campaigns.

    escala emails, work for me!

    Automate your emails so that your contacts receive the right content at the right time - even while you sleep! Send welcome emails, purchase reminders, and follow-up messages. They haven’t opened your email yet? No problem! Program another, just in case they missed it.

    Bye bye spam folder!

    Email delivery ideally works like this: send, open, and sell. That’s hard to do if your email ends up in the spam folder!


    With escala, we’ve developed technology that minimizes spam folder risk. Let’s get your email to the right place!

    Laptops, cell phones, iPads: our emails look good everywhere!

    Every person sees their emails on different platforms. Fortunately, the emails you build in escala’s fit beautifully on any device: mobile, tablet, or desktop. One size really does fit all.

    Thank you {First Name},
    How is everything?

    Personalize your messages with {custom labels}. Send emails in bulk while keeping the conversation warm like speaking one-on-one. What would you like to customize? Name, country, offer, contact info? We have you covered.

    Let the numbers speak!

    Follow the history of your emails in real time

    Which email performed better?

    Track the performance of all your email campaigns: Know which email was more impactful and track how much money it brought to your business.

    Learn, optimize, and grow!

    Who is unsubscribing?

    Wait! Don’t go! Find out who unsubscribed from your mailing list and why. Identify which emails don’t work and modify them at the right time.

    Keep them on the list!

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