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    “The fastest way to scale your business is to master digital ad campaigns. Anyone can run a digital ad, but the key is generating high-quality traffic to your landing page at the lowest possible cost. escala provides you with the strategic support and the platform to make it happen”.

    Andrés Moreno
    Founder of escala and Open English

    Flood your landing page with visitors
    at a cost within your budget

    Powerful digital ad campaigns with escala

    Design the best ads to attract your target audience

    Spark your creativity by easily designing Facebook and Instagram ads with escala. Simply add engaging text, choose a compelling headline, and select a photo or video that best communicates what you're offering. It's easy!

    Your digital ad campaign gets easily connected to your landing page

    Once you’ve built a powerful ad campaign with escala, simply select the landing page you wish to connect and voila! You're ready to flood your landing page with visitors.

    Ready to post? *Click once*

    With escala, it's fast and easy to publish your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. All it takes is one click! Sit back, relax, and watch as your site floods with visitors.

    Optimize, always optimize!

    Monitor the performance of your digital ad campaigns in real-time using escala. How many people have seen your ad? How many potential clients does your ad reach? What's the cost per click?


    Everything you need to know to enhance your results, right at your fingertips!

    Introducing "Pixel" - your ads' new best friend

    What is a Pixel and why is it important?

    Imagine being able to know: Which digital ad campaign generated more visitors to your landing page, which audience segmentation generated more leads, which ad produced more clients, and more!


    When a page is integrated with Facebook Pixel, both you AND Facebook get insights to immediately optimize your digital ad campaigns.

    The landing pages that you create in escala are already integrated with Faceook Pixel.

    Start generating more qualified traffic now!