Convert more
contacts into clients

Your sales force’s secret weapon: escala’s customer relationship management (CRM) system.
Optimize your sales now



    “After building a database of potential clients, your CRM is the most important tool for converting them into loyal customers and building long term relationships”.
    Andrés Moreno
    Founder of escala and Open English

    Build a smart database, close more deals

    When your visitors register their contact information in your landing page, all their information will be neatly stored in escala's CRM - your smart database. Forget about spreadsheets and complicated integrations!

    Prioritize your sales day

    escala's CRM is the key to organizing your sales opportunities! Easily identify which are potentially your most valuable contacts and which require your immediate attention.


    Your day, month and year could be 1000% more productive!

    Don't miss a task,
    earn more business

    Attention! escala's timely notifications remind you who to contact or meet, why you’re contacting or meeting them and when. Knowing who, when, and what to focus on might be the difference between reaching your goals and missing your mark.

    Knowledge is power.
    Gain elephant memory

    escala puts everything you need to remember about each of your contacts in one place.


    Whether it’s contact information, pending charges, past communications, or relevant details... count on escala to memorize it all!

    Classify your contacts
    with advanced tags

    The key to getting the most out of your CRM is organizing the information. Segment your databases by criteria such as: campaign, products or services of interest, level of certainty, and estimated closing date. Filter and send the right message to the right people at the right time!


    Your life just got a whole lot easier!

    Keep them loyal, keep the flame alive even after many years

    Many companies think that turning a contact into a client is the end of the sales cycle. At escala, we know it’s only the beginning.


    Our CRM helps you answer questions to build long term relationships with clients such as: What has been their experience with your product or service ? What can you do to improve it? Which audiences connect best with your brand ? How can you generate more referrals?

    I spy with my big eyes… everything!

    Grow your sales based on relevant metrics

    Know the health of your business...
    at a glance!

    On a single dashboard, see all of the numbers that will determine the future of your business. How many sales are currently open? many visitors become contacts? How many contacts become clients? What are your sales conversion levels? How much profit are you expecting to bring in at the end of the month?.


    In minutes you can analyze and optimize your sales management process.

    Compare the numbers, congratulate your top sales person!

    Who will be the sales person of the month on your team? Supervise the performance of each member, and how their activities reflect on your overall results.


    escala will become your sales manager best friend

    You’re not a fortune teller,
    but you can predict and improve!

    Know exactly which funnel your contacts come from and what messages have been most effective. What have they bought? How much have they spent? What are their preferences? What emails have they received? Importantly, did you target them correctly?

    Take the right actions
    at the right time

    Timing is strategic, and sales are no exception. Get key insights and identify behavior patterns for your best clients. Use this information to make better decisions and to optimize a successful sales strategy.

    Manage your sales like your growth depended on it. It does!