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    “One of the biggest challenges of leading a business is focusing on what’s important and making every minute count. With escala’s automation tools, you can save yourself time on the repetitive tasks. Invest your saved time in the bigger projects that truly add more value to your business”.
    Andrés Moreno
    Founder of escala and Open English

    Ready. Set. Automate and achieve your sales goals

    Use escala's automated technology to handle the repetitive tasks. Meet your sales quotas even while you sleep.


    Imagine that 1,000 contacts have registered in your landing page within one hour. How are you going to communicate with each of them in a personalized, effective way? How are you going to distribute those contacts amongst your sales team to convert them into clients?


    Read on, we’ll tell you how to do it!

    Presenting Workflows Your assistant 25/8

    Workflows are a chain of simple actions that you can automate so they get triggered even while you sleep! Within escala you can:

    simple tasks

    auto-response emails

    Set up

    Have more time to innovate... or sunbathe, up to you!

    Nobody likes to repeat the same steps over and over again. With escala you can automate repetitive tasks, avoid human messaging errors, and email your potential clients on time. Automate those actions that you used to do a thousand times.

    You’ve got email (automated)!

    Think about your email strategy once and automate, so they get sent according to plan.

    Email 1: Hello! Thanks for registering ...

    Email 2: Hello, it s me again! Are you going to miss the deal?...

    Email 3: SUCCESS! Congratulations on your purchase!

    Schedule key tasks for your
    sales force

    With escala you can automate notifications to remind your sales team what to do and when. Get them to communicate with potential clients at the right time and close more deals.


    It’s time to sell!

    Activate automation...
    Just by adding a label!

    In escala you can segment your contacts and assign them labels. These labels can trigger emails, notifications, and other sales actions without you having to move a finger. Try it. Works like magic!

    A birds eye view of
    automated workflow

    See in real time your sales machine in action. The escala dashboard shows you everything that has been automated! Sit back and relax.

    Grow my business even while I sleep