Measure, measure, measure!

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. escala makes it simpler with user-friendly dashboards.
Optimize your sales now



    “I’ll admit, I’m obsessed with seeing the metrics of the businesses I’m involved with on a daily basis. Seeing real-time feedback helps the team make smart decisions to fine-tune operations. Measuring constantly is key to a successful business”.

    Andrés Moreno
    Founder of escala and Open English

    Analytics in real-time to optimize your business

    How are my funnels doing?
    Numbers tell the truth

    Which of my visitors becomes a contact? Which of my contacts becomes a client? Where in the funnel do visitors interact the most? What is my conversion rate, step-by-step, within the funnel? See where your funnels are highly effective, and where they need some work. Everything you want to know is in one place: escala's smart dashboard.

    Those digital ads campaigns were the best!... or were they?

    Which digital advertising campaign is driving the most results? brought the most visitors to your page? How many clicked on your ads? Where did they come from?


    Have all the metrics you will need to invest your marketing spend more efficiently.

    Can my pages do better?
    Yes, they can!

    escala clearly shows you how many visitors have viewed your landing pages, what content is of greatest interest, and how much time they spend reviewing your offerings. Best of all, our metrics tell you how many products or services were bought. Generate more business. Increase your sales.


    The more you know, the better you do!

    Was that an extraordinary
    email campaign? Prove it!

    escala's metrics let you see it all. Track the performance of your email campaigns. Find out how many people opened it, which titles were most successful, and where in the email they clicked.


    Use this valuable information to guide your creation process and achieve even better results.

    Let the metrics guide you to
    closing more sales

    Your metrics are your North Star. Know exactly what happens from the moment you generate a contact on your landing page, to winning that contact as a client. Identify what works, what needs to change, or what needs to be eliminated in order to maximize your income. No more guessing!

    escala: your sales manager’s
    new best friend

    Numbers are the beginning of every good strategy!

    You and your sales manager can now have a clear view of each salesperson’s performance and create actions that empower them to reach their goals.

    From zero to one-hundred,
    How healthy is your business?

    With real-time escala analytics, you can measure how your sales increase, which funnels are making the greatest contribution to the company’s growth, and which products or services are contributing the most to your profitability.


    escala's CRM is your new co-pilot: 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Power your business daily with metrics you can count on